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I originally created the Yorika script in 2002 for the site GamerStop. It has been a great success for many years for me. In 2008 Amazon has redone it's service and has forced many coders to hit the scripts to update them. I have gone ahead and made Yorika into a AWS 4.0 compliant script for my own needs. However realizing the potential for this Amazon script I have decided to also release this. In my pursuit of obtaining a solid Amazon Affiliate Script I came up empty handed. There are a few good free ones available but all of them are too widely used. In order to facilitate maximum profit one must have a site as unique as possible. This is where Yorika comes into play.

One good thing about this method is that we can set the margins of the center content div much larger than the width of the left and right columns and therefore should not need to worry about IE5x PC's stupidity. And it still gives the appearance of being pixel perfect.

Note also, no need for the box hack as we have built some flexibility into the template!! IMO. Does this hold true in your browser? Please let me know.

Also, one potential problem. If you set position:relative for the #c-block it completely hides the left and right columns. So just leave it out? In IE6 yes or else nest ALL the blocks within this div, including the header div.

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